Rabu, 25 November 2009

Google vs. BING

Kalo kagak ngerti English.. buka aja google translate.. Klik disini.. Gampang kan....

Since it began, Bing, Microsoft flag skip to search back to try a threat to the spread of Google, the ruler of the world search engine today. As in the past, Bing working with Yahoo to fight Google dominansie, this time Bing designed in collaboration with the media owners.

As the story?

From the Declaration of Rupert Murdoch, a media businessman, owner of News Corporation, a media network in the world of management, including Fox Television, Fox film studio, the owner of many newspapers around the world, including the Wall Street Journal , and including the social networking site MySpace.com. Murdoch threatened to remove the news News Corp from the Google index, and scheduled to appear exclusively on the Bing. For the removal of the news that Microsoft's News Corp., owner of Bing search engines, willing to pay.

Murdoch has accused Google of stealing news from News Corp and brings it up on Google News. Reportedly, the statement said Murdoch was established to save the newspaper business is in danger of bankruptcy since the Internet. Because someone can easily get the news he was looking for a door enjin search.

Google onverskrokke was still the threat of Murdoch. Google is not a problem and would think even then had to stop the indexing of news sites not owned by Murdoch. Google said in a statement: "any media organization has the right to raise one hundred percent of the content in search engines or not."

Google added, "on google news index News is the source of a very good promotion for media publishers. For every minute of it shipped about 100 thousand pressure."

What is clear, beyond the statement Murdoch, is always looking for wedywering between Google vs. Bing. The game between the quest to be more exciting. Bing is trying hard to surging Google domination during this unprecedented

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